F8Magazine welcomes submissions and contributions in documentary photography, photojournalism and street photography. To submit work for consideration to F8 Magazine, please follow these guidelines:

All submissions should be sent to our email address: and include:

 1. A link to an online gallery of your photographic work (We do not look at facebook galleries) 

 2. A brief summary of your photographic work

 3. Why you think it would be a good match for F8 Magazine?

At present, we do not offer compensation for any collaboration. F8Magazine is a nonprofit digital publication. There is only minimal income from the sale of the digital magazine and our primary goal is to cover production costs.


Do not send emails with photos attached. These will be deleted. All submissions must be in the form of links to online portfolios and supplementary materials.

Due to the high volume of submissions, we will only contact you if we are interested in publishing your work.

Do not submit work that doesn’t relate to our themes of documentary photography, photojournalism or street photography

The publication is exclusively digital and can be displayed in two different ways: online at our website, or in our magazine in pdf. Each submission will be published only in one way. F8Magazine reserves the right to not publish any submitted content, and if selected may not publish immediately.

What about copyright?

The photographer will always own the rights to their photographs. By submitting your work, you give F8Magazine explicit rights to publish, showcase and use your photographs only on its website and other official communication channels. Wherever possible, the photographer and creator will always be credited. F8Magazine does not lease or authorise the use of the pictures received by the photographer to third parties, under any circumstances. 

Contributors & Blog Articles

If you’d like to be a contributor to our blog, send us an email at

Many thanks for your interest in F8Magazine.