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"Some Girls"

A project by Aaron Joel Santos

About Some Girls

I’ve long been interested in those people and subcultures that exist on the fringes of society, the outcasts, the eccentrics and the hangers on. I take photographs as an excuse to learn about people and the world. So it was that I ended up here.

Some Girls straddles the line between fantasy and reality and aims to explore the lifestyles of the transgender community in Thailand, from the daily lives of young women in Bangkok to the sex workers and cabaret stars of Pattaya and beyond.

In the real world, some girls are born boys. Their dream is to escape or transcend that body. To flourish and transform into a beautiful and more feminine being. Oftentimes these worlds merge in wonderful and weird ways. Life becomes a stage where the myths and stereotypes of gender are all played out.

Some Girls is a work in progress and as such is constantly growing and transforming, much like the subjects it depicts.

About the Author

Aaron Joel Santos grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana and graduated from schools in San Francisco and Boston before moving to Vietnam in 2007. These days, Aaron is an editorial and documentary photographer based out of Hanoi and working for clients across Southeast Asia. He is represented by Wonderful Machine in the United States & Invision Images across Europe and Japan. He is also an attendee of the 2010 Eddie Adams Workshop.

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