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Written by // Marco Dal Maso

Marco Dal Maso - Neofascism

“You can not praise the sacrifice of yesterday, if you are not ready to tomorrow's” B. Mussolini

It has been said a lot about the new wave of black-shirt intolerance that has troubled Italy over the last few years. An ideology which has survived its charismatic leader often deprives itself of meaning because of misinterpretation or reduction to mere original principles.

Members of Salò Republic, troublemakers waiting for a coup, reactionary people... who are today's Italian right-wing extremists and what do they profess?

Since 1946 extreme right wing organizations have considerably increased, and young blood has broadened the number of their members.

It’s called the third way, the alternative to capitalism and communism. A lifestyle choice not to be classified only as an ideological revival. Italian extreme right are nazi-fascists, workers in the odor of socialism and ultras of the stadiums with their banners and chants racist gestures.

Extreme right is a vast and varied skyline: parties, revolutionary groups, community centers, all formations that share the same pillar, nationalism with heavy racial intolerance. The fight against illegal immigration, often resulting in clashes and attacks organized. The percentage of supporters has grown significantly, especially among young people. In high schools the idealism of the left seems to have been dethroned from the pragmatism of the right: the reality, the facts, not words.

The neo-Nazism in Italy is concentrated mainly in the north. The Veneto Front Skinheads is active since 1986 as a cultural association, organizes contests and exhibitions alongside rock-right parties.

The values of neo-fascists are the defense of Italianity, family values, of Christianity, and especially social policy.

Italy needs order and reconstruction, starting from ancient foundations. A reconstruction that starts from the spirit of nationalism, which must first be an Italy for the Italians. The “fascio littorio” is a "faith", a totem of values capable of magnetically attracting old and young, shouting "it was better when it was worse." Is it a pure and simple nostalgia for an ideal good governance or ideological fanaticism fueled by what many call the crisis of values of the neo-capitalist society?

Marco Dal Maso - NeofascismIn these years of modernization and globalization of the world the solution proposed by these groups is the reaction, the closing, the defense, as if it was just rewind the tape. Social policy, that the mighty work of the scheme.

Among the parties of the 'extreme right stands out Forza Nuova, founded in 1997 by Roberto Fiore and Massimo Morsello. Presenting himself as an independent party in the elections of April 2008 Forza Nuova won 108,837 votes, 85,630 in the Senate chamber, no seats in Parliament. Eight points in a program which primarily emphasize the centrality of the traditional heterosexual family, the anti-Europe, the hardships of immigration, defense of national identity, the restoration of the concordat of 1929, and the repeal of laws "libertarian" how laws Mancino-Scelba.

From '97 to today Forza Nuova is involved in several incidents of racial intolerance and has been discussed about the dissolution for apologia for fascism.

New Italian nationalists are the protagonists of the gatherings of Predappio, where lies the Duce, and various commemorations of events related to the events of the regime and the subsequent Republic of Salo as the parades for the commemoration of Schio, Vicenza, where in 1945, 54 presumed fascists were killed.

The lefebriano (named after the schismatic Lefebre) Don Giulio Maria Tam, a former priest suspended a divinis, fights against immigrants to the cry of "rosary and truncheon." A modern crusader, who thunders from the pulpit insults against Islam and ethical relativism, the crisis of values, the relaxation of morals ... Candidate for Alternative Social at the last European elections, celebrates Mass in favor of the Republicans in the pre-conciliar style (in Latin, shoulders of the faithful ...) in the shadow of the inevitable Celtic cloth.

Europe criticizes the democratic transparency with which the Italian extremist groups are shown in the odor of apology of fascism in public events that have nothing to do with the preservation of historical memory.

About the Author

Marco Dal Maso

Marco Dal Maso

Born in Vicenza, Italy in 1977. After collaborations with local newspapers and some photographic studies he left on a long trip to South East Asia where he shooted Tamil refugees in Sri Lanka and sex tourism in Thailand.

From 2007 to 2010, he joined the International Photojournalism Agency Nazca Pictures.

Since 2009 he works in advertising and in 2010 began to experiment with multimedia podcasts both artistic and commercial, using the technique of stopmotion. Currently he’s a freelance.

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