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Tina Remiz

Tina Remiz

Tina Remiz is a Latvian-born, UK-based documentary storyteller and visual artist. She holds a degree in Photographic Arts from the University of Westminster and work as a freelance photographer, specialising in visual reporting and portraiture.

A lot of Remiz’s personal work is concerned with the issues of migration and cultural identity, as she reflects on her personal experience of growing up in the post-Soviet Latvia and immigrating to the West in late teens.




Written by // Tina Remiz

Tina Remiz - Krievi

Krievi – the Latvian name for Russians – is a documentary project about the Russian community of Latvia.

Historically, Latvia has always had strong bonds with the Russian Federation. Modest in size, the country has been largely dependent on its big neighbour, which has defined Latvia’s political climate and economic development.


The Place Where I Am Not

Written by // Tina Remiz

The Place Where I Am Not

The Place Where I am Not is a personal documentary project exploring the dramatic changes that took place in my home country over the past three years.

Since joining the EU in 2004, rapid economic growth was followed by a deep recession that left imprint on every sphere of life, and my work is a document of different responses to the situation Latvians found themselves in.

On a more personal level, I explore the issues of migration and cultural identity, challenging the notion of the word “home”, as I return to a place where I no longer live.

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