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Cristina Insinga

Cristina Insinga

Insinga Cristina was born on August 16, 1989 in Messina, a city that has provided her the opportunity to increase her interest and passion for photography. Since late Summer 2011, she has been working in her country with professional photographers during events and ceremonies, with local newspapers and sports and cultural associations.

The photographic genre that she is most interested in is the social reportage, through which she tries every day to tell stories, events, and fragments of everyday life.




Written by // Cristina Insinga

Between crisis and loneliness

Messina, Between crisis and Loneliness by Cristina Insinga

During the Christmas time, she decided to go to the most common and popular places in Messina, to realize a photographic project about "Christmas" habits in Messina in times of crisis: what would the “Messinese” bring on to their tables during family dinners, what presents would they give to their children, and what games and pastimes would they create to set aside everyday problems?

Her research unfortunately failed immediately. The scenario she found was that of every day, where the crisis was undisputed lord and master, and there was no room left for anything else, even at Christmas.

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