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Antonin Lechat

Antonin Lechat

Here I am, for the past 3 years I have been travelling around the globe to finally end up in Ulaanbaatar-Mongolia. Here I have the chance to work for the Mongolian television and to learn every day how to create TV programs by a unique way of learning, it is actually my own kind of university.

I am also writing a documentary about the adaptation of the Mongolian nomads to the city.

In the future I see myself still travelling over the globe in the purpose to show the world through books, photos and documentaries.



Mongolian Street Art Festival

Written by // Antonin Lechat

Mongolian Street Art Festival by Antonin Lechat

Can you imagine what is the Street-Art abroad? Can you image what is the street art in Mongolia? Yes Mongolia is not just nomads, gers, steppes or Chenggis Khan, it’s also one city : Ulaanbaatar where the culture develops day after day and feels free to create whatever could come in.

The Street Art Festival 2012 is the first event of this kind in Mongolia. The idea, which grows with the collaboration between Design-Park and the Alliance Française de Mongolie, is basically to created a fresco of 75 m2 with 10 mongolians Street-Artists and one french. Finally a fresco of 180 m2 have been created by 34 artists.

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