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Adi Tudose

Adi Tudose

My name is Adi Tudose, I am a documentary photographer currently based in Bucharest, Romania. I graduated in 2011 with a BA in Film Cinematography, but photography has always been my greatest passion.

My work in photography has been especially influenced by a quote from Sven Nykvist: "The face is a world in itself". I am most interested in themes such as silence and alienation in everyday life. I work exclusively on black and white film that I develop myself.



New York, Manhattan

Written by // Adi Tudose

Adi Tudose - NY, Manhattan

In March 2011 I had the chance to spend some time in Manhattan. Coming for the first time from Romania to the United States was a special experience for me as I have never visited any country outside Europe. Everything seemed the same, but very unfamiliar somehow. Many little differences, some of them almost invisible to the eye made me feel as a foreigner, a stranger like nowhere else before. 

I was so curious what kind of people I would meet on the streets of Manhattan, how I would relate to them. At first I was a bit overwhelmed by the noise of that place, the almost aggressive geometry of the streets. But as I got used to looking beyond these disruptive elements, I managed to see the people and finally I felt at home with my camera.

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