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Changing Tides: An Uncertain Future

A project by Stuart Matthews

Changing Tides: An Uncertain Future

I began working in Bangladesh in 2009, 6 months after Cyclone Aila struck destroying more than 700km (434 miles) of coastal embankments and wiping out thousands of homes, leaving over 40,000 people marooned on the embankments and forced to take refuge in shelters.


Land of the Gypsies

Written by // Yurian Quintanas

A documentary project by Yurian Quintanas

Land of the Gypsies

Each year during the last week of May, a small town from the French Camargue named Saintes Maries de la Mer is invaded with hundreds of caravans from across Europe to celebrate the pilgrimage honouring Saint Sarah ''La Kali'' the Patron Saint of the gypsies. Thus Saintes Maries de la Mer becomes for a few days in the land of gypsies, a fictitious land where you can breathe the essence of gypsy way of life. A nomad society that has been fighting against discrimination along its history, but that has never surrendered and has kept straight with its deep-rooted culture.

A life marked by constant movement, endowed with a sense of freedom impossible for our society to understand and a philosophy of life that has its roots in prehistoric times but is about to disappear at present.


Rainbow Warrior: In route to Fukushima

Written by // Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

Measuring the human errors

Rainbow Warrior: In route to Fukushima

After the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March 2011, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert accompanied Greenpeace members on their trip to Fukushima on board the Rainbow Warrior to sample the levels of radioactivity in the seawater. This is his experience.

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