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F8Mag #6 Photo by Samih Güven

"In India I searched for the true essence of that country. I found nothing promised, no mysticism, religion, colour .... I found prostitution, drugs, money, poverty, death, and monsters, lots of monsters. For a month I visited brothels, I met  drugs dealers, I spoke with junkies, and I witnessed through my camera and in front of the fire, many of the facets of India's hidden world."

Germán Gutierrez


Bi, Double, Twin

Written by // Umberto Verdoliva

Umberto Verdoliva - Bi, Double, Twin

The basic idea of this project is to show, through careful reflection of human behavior, those small unconscious gestures and signs, which occur when a person wants to give a signal of acceptance and union to another, when you want to show that there is an understanding, an understanding for those around you, even a kind of benevolent conditioning to repeat gestures, dressing in a similar fashion, by strengthening the sign of friendship and bonding.



Written by // Evan Prince

Evan Prince - Musclebound

In the Fall of 2011, I attended bodybuilding competitions in Central Texas in order to document the athletes as well as show a behind-the-scenes look at their preparations. My goal was to learn what type of mental and physical preparation it took in order to compete in the world of female bodybuilding. The competitors photographed in this essay are amateurs, meaning that they were competing to earn a spot on the pro tour and ultimately compete for prize money. The actual competition is a series of one minute stage appearances in which the women must pose in front of a panel of judges. The athletes are scored on how well they pose, their musculature, and their overall appearance.


Faces of Faith

Written by // Daniel Kramer

Daniel Kramer - Faces of Faith

Why are we here and where are we going? When I was a child, my religion told me that if you were not a Christian, then, ha ha, you were going to hell. That didn’t feel right to me and I put Religion away with Santa and the Easter Bunny. Later in life, as a 20-something slacker, photography and spirituality came to me at the same time, one allowing the exploration of the other. This 20-year essay is the chronological result of those explorations.


Street Life in Paris

Written by // David Bacher

David Bacher - Street Life in Paris

Street life in Paris is something that is hard to define and has been photographed over and over again since cameras were invented. It is partially these two elements that have prompted American/Austrian photographer David Bacher to search for new ways of portraying Paris. Paris is in fact much more than its image portrayed by cliché black and white postcards. It can be full of contrasting colors and can have many faces, both feverishly happy and utterly sad. Paris has a deeply melancholic stare in the damp cold winter months and it can unleash quirky visual puns as spring and summer arrive. The city is an eclectic mix of different nationalities, all which converge on its streets creating a dynamic and challenging workplace for a photographer. David has been exploring Paris’ streets since 2004 and this is a small selection of the body of work.


Listen To Me

Written by // Jacob Bishop

Jacob Bishop - Listen To Me

The United Kingdom is a country where its citizens are becoming more and more impatient with the governments attempts to reduce the deficit by passing the costs on to those that cannot afford it whilst rich members of society are gaining in wealth. This situation is seeing people head to the streets and protest. This project aims to show the individual face in the crowds and how they voice their opinion. But will these voices ever be heard?


Moments in Between

Written by // Nico Chiapperini

Moments in Between by Nico Chiapperini

 Street photography is often a stage where people are unaware that they are actors playing their own comedies or drama. The real world becomes a choreography for stories or allegories, subject to different interpretations.

Moments in Between is a collection of vivid portrayals of people and places I took around the world, in which ordinary everyday life reveals compelling scenes.

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