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FAITH Contest Judges: Charles Pertwee

FAITH Photo Contest Judge: Charles Pertwee

When did you decide to become a photographer? 

I don't remember ever really made a decision as such, for me it happened gradually. i was working in bars, assisting, teaching English to children etc. to make enough money to pay rent, to buy film, darkroom chemicals, food, equipment and other essentials, until i had too much photography work to do the other things.

How would you define your style of photography? 

Generally bland, un-inspiring, forced, derivative........

Who are the most influential photographers in your career?

The work of Stoddart, Koudelka, Murphy, Pellegrin, Grarup and a bunch of the other Danish photographers, among many others, really excites me. i cannot claim to have been in anyway influenced by them, they are far too talented for me to have gained in that way from them.


High Plains Drifting

Written by // Adam Reynolds

Adam Reynolds - High Plains Drifting

Kansas has long been viewed as the quintessential white, rural, blue-collar state in the heart of American cattle country. Its wide open expanses conjure up images of America’s romanticized Wild West. But a growing number of immigrants are calling Garden City, tucked away in the remote southwest corner of the state with a population of 28,000, their home. Hispanics make up the vast majority of new arrivals, with blacks and growing numbers of Asian and African immigrants rounding out the rest. The immigrants are drawn to the region by the many meatpacking plants that have long relied on their labor in jobs that require little or no English language skills. The project takes a look at the issue of immigration in America from the vantage point of a single community and offers a peak into the meatpacking industry.


The Blessed Fruits of Labour and Toil

Written by // Denver Rodrigues

Denver Rodrigues - The Blessed Fruits of Labour and Toil

India, is a nation with the world’s largest democracy 3and second most populous country after China; walking on the streets of India is all together a vibrant experience. Surrounded by innumerable faces, which speak of different languages, follow different religions and practice various traditions, a face in the crowd, reveals more than you can expect, whilst dropping all worldly resemblances. A stranger or visitor to this country can be alone, but be never left alone; there is always someone somewhere ready to help.


FAITH Contest Judges: Quinn Ryan Mattingly

FAITH Photo Contest Judge: Quinn Ryan Mattingly

When did you decide to become a photographer?

It was a few years ago I guess. I had been working abroad and traveling a lot for a few years, taking a lot of images. I thought they were getting increasingly better, and I felt my passion developing, and sort of felt it was to be my calling.

How would you define your style of photography?

I'd say it's very observatory and documentary, very real life. I like to watch scenes develop and really try to capture the moments in, hopefully, very powerful ways. I know perhaps it sounds quite cliche, but I guess that what it boils down to.

Who are the most influential photographers in your career?

I'd have to say Nachtwey was one of the first whose images just blew me away with their power. I've also been really into Alex Webb and his use of layers lately. Simply amazing things he can capture. Many other great shooters who I'm sure we all known as well, but also some of my colleagues and friends here in Vietnam, like Kevin German and Justin Mott, I get a lot of inspiration from.


Patina o Muerte!

Written by // Ashly Stohl

(Skate or Die)

Ashley Stohl - Patina o Muerte!

The image of the old man with the wrinkled face and cigar has come to represent our vision of Cuba long ago, but what of Cuba now?  There are teenage boys there with the same energy and need to band together as the teenage boys in America, or anywhere else.   They have taken to skateboarding with the same passion of the original skateboarding crews from Venice Beach, California in the 1970s, but their skatepark is the crumbling ruins of the Spanish colonization and Castro’s Revolución. The setting is totally unique, but their desire to skate and the bond between them is universal.


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Lima Fotolibre

Written by // Lima Fotolibre

Lima Fotolibre

We made our first publication in 2007, a pocket book released in less than a year of forming the collective, which served us to leave a precedent that we are here and are doing something. We are currently preparing our second publication and here we show a preview of what will this new book with pictures of everyday life of any citizen of Lima. Street photography from Lima, Peru.

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