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Documentary photography project Future/Past by Evan Prince

Steampunk is a SciFi genre with a Victorian twist. The clothing, culture, and machinery are all based in Victorian history but along with most SciFI there are plenty of liberties taken. The aesthetic is familiar enough but seems to belong to an historical past that didn’t quite exist. Steampunk culture has bled into comic books, movies, art and of course conventions. These conventions , similar to the world famous ComicCon, provide fans for all parts of the Steampunk universe with a gathering place.

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About the Author

Evan Prince

Evan Prince

Evan Prince is a photographer from Austin, Tx specializing in documentary portraiture. He seeks out and captures American Subcultures all over the US. Previous subjects have included American Cowboys, Live Action Role Players , Roller Derby, and Cycling Gangs. Evan creates images with both digital and analogue technology.