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Written by // Cristina Insinga

Between crisis and loneliness

Messina, Between crisis and Loneliness by Cristina Insinga

During the Christmas time, she decided to go to the most common and popular places in Messina, to realize a photographic project about "Christmas" habits in Messina in times of crisis: what would the “Messinese” bring on to their tables during family dinners, what presents would they give to their children, and what games and pastimes would they create to set aside everyday problems?

Her research unfortunately failed immediately. The scenario she found was that of every day, where the crisis was undisputed lord and master, and there was no room left for anything else, even at Christmas.



Written by // Tina Remiz

Tina Remiz - Krievi

Krievi – the Latvian name for Russians – is a documentary project about the Russian community of Latvia.

Historically, Latvia has always had strong bonds with the Russian Federation. Modest in size, the country has been largely dependent on its big neighbour, which has defined Latvia’s political climate and economic development.


Mongolian Street Art Festival

Written by // Antonin Lechat

Mongolian Street Art Festival by Antonin Lechat

Can you imagine what is the Street-Art abroad? Can you image what is the street art in Mongolia? Yes Mongolia is not just nomads, gers, steppes or Chenggis Khan, it’s also one city : Ulaanbaatar where the culture develops day after day and feels free to create whatever could come in.

The Street Art Festival 2012 is the first event of this kind in Mongolia. The idea, which grows with the collaboration between Design-Park and the Alliance Française de Mongolie, is basically to created a fresco of 75 m2 with 10 mongolians Street-Artists and one french. Finally a fresco of 180 m2 have been created by 34 artists.


Resistence On Jiguamiandó River

Written by // Andrea Lamount

Andrea Lamount - Resistence On Jiguamiandó River

The Chocó region, located in the pacific north west of Colombia, is well known for the richness of its biodiversity and ecosystem. This is why it’s one of the most coveted areas of the world, with 46.530km2. At the river mouth of the Atrato exist 3 lost communities within the jungle, communicated by palisades and without any kind of medical assistance. These are the Jiguamiandó communities: mestiza, afro and embera. Populations that, forbidden by the government, survive and defend their Human Rights as residents of the basin and owners of their lands.


Struggle for a normal life

Written by // Lorenzo Masi

Somali Refugees in Italy

Struggle for a normal life by Lorenzo Masi

Fled from a twenty year long civil war many Somali people hope to find a better life in Italy. The Italian state recognizes them as refugees but, at the same time, don’t provide, except for some sporadic intervention, any housing program, any language school, any job searching support.

In this situation many Somali refugees trying to live a normal life forced to sleep inside abandoned building or, in some cases, hosted in welcome centre for refugees only able to give them hospitality for few months.



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Future/Past by Evan Prince

Steampunk is a SciFi genre with a Victorian twist. The clothing, culture, and machinery are all based in Victorian history but along with most SciFI there are plenty of liberties taken. The aesthetic is familiar enough but seems to belong to an historical past that didn’t quite exist. Steampunk culture has bled into comic books, movies, art and of course conventions. These conventions , similar to the world famous ComicCon, provide fans for all parts of the Steampunk universe with a gathering place.


New York, Manhattan

Written by // Adi Tudose

Adi Tudose - NY, Manhattan

In March 2011 I had the chance to spend some time in Manhattan. Coming for the first time from Romania to the United States was a special experience for me as I have never visited any country outside Europe. Everything seemed the same, but very unfamiliar somehow. Many little differences, some of them almost invisible to the eye made me feel as a foreigner, a stranger like nowhere else before. 

I was so curious what kind of people I would meet on the streets of Manhattan, how I would relate to them. At first I was a bit overwhelmed by the noise of that place, the almost aggressive geometry of the streets. But as I got used to looking beyond these disruptive elements, I managed to see the people and finally I felt at home with my camera.

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